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Mineous Prison
Mineous Prison is a 24/7 Prison server that has been running uninterrupted for over 1½ years. The server was made by RefillPvP & Hunkashoo. We have custom plugins to make your experience more enjoyable. it was once a Factions server and will soon become a network for your needs. In case you have never played a Prison server, we have provided a guide for you below.

Getting Started
You will be first spawned at our spawn. You'll get some armor and tools. The goal of a prison server is to get from A-Z. To get from A-Z, you have to mine your way through and sell them for rankups. As you get closer to Z, the mines will be better and you will have better shop prices. When you reach Z, you become free. You can prestige and start in another world again.

Donating gives you an advantage to make your way from A-Z. It also helps the server pay the bills, All donations will be used

for the server. Any extra money will be gone to upgrade our server for a more enjoyable experience.

Server Rules
No hacking!
Cursing is allowed! (Will soon be toggleable)
Do not share personal beliefs/information about yourself!
Do not ask for ranks/items!
Griefing/Raiding is allowed!
No advertising!
No x-ray/modded clients!
Don't ask for OP!
No exploiting/duping items!
No saying you're a Moderator from PMC!
No PvP logging!
No racism!
No abusive staff!
No impersonating staff!
If you know someone is hacking, and you're not telling a staff you are just as guilty!

Website + IP
Website: http://www.mineous.com

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