Fortune Penitentiary

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Fortune Penitentiary!

This server is currently in our final stage of Open Beta!
Feedback is welcome and appreciated, comment here or tell a staff member ingame!

This server is a Non-OP Prison that is dedicated to bringing premium gameplay to all of its users! With friendly staff, and very custom gameplay, we do our best to ensure this is true!

The server currently has 16 ranks, they are as follows:
Sewer Prisoner (S)
Pipe Prisoner (P)
Blacksmith Prisoner (B)
Desert Prisoner (D)
Rainforest Prisoner (R)
Hell Prisoner (H)
End Prisoner (E)
Frost Prisoner (F)
Animal Worker (A)
Mushroom Worker (M)
Infection Worker (I)
Canyon Worker (C)
Volcano Worker (V)
Ocean Worker (O)
Probation (Pro)

The following staff ranks exist:
Head Guard
Head Police

Server Features:
Black Markets in each rank
Many different mine parties
Custom plugins
Intelligently resetting mines
Many custom items
Plot World

With custom high quality made plugins, and a hand crafted prison, we want you to enjoy your experience as much as possible. Join now, and have the experience of a lifetime (in prison)!

The server IP is

(Note: If this IP address doesn't work for some reason, you can try using instead)

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