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Drug Cartel Server

This server has grown a lot since it fist launched. Drug Cartel is a server about breaking the Minecraft law(No Drugs). You start your farm with a few little seeds then before you know it you are a massive Drug Lord harvesting your massive farm and making millions. Of course you have to avoid the cops in the making of your farm!
Sugar = Cocain = $1,000 a stack.
Brown Shroom = Shroom = $2500 a stack.
Red Shroom = Shoorm = $2500 a stack.
Seeds = Opium = $600 a stack.
Wheat = Weed = $1000 a stack.
Cactus Green = Expensive Weed = $1500 a stack.
Netherwart = Meth = $2000 a stack.
Pumpkin Seeds = Heroine = $1000 a stack.
Paper = LSD = $1000 a stack.
1.No Spamming
2. No Hacking
3. No Excessive Swearing
More Rules In Game These Are The Basic.
Drugie Ranks:
Price To Rankup: $5,000
Perks: /Sethome, /Home
Price To Rankup: $30,000
Perks:/Tpa, /Tpahere
Price To Rankup: $100,000
Perks:None =(
Price To Rankup: $500,000
Perks: Start Auctions
Price To Rankup: $1,000,000
Perks: /Sethome 2 Times
Drug Lord:
Price To Rankup: $2,000,000
Perks:/Sethome 3 Times
Drug Baron:
Price To Rankup: $5,000,000
Perks: /Warp Drugshop
King Pin:
Price To Rankup: 10,000,000
Perks: Create A Faction.
Price To Rankup: Max Rank.
Perks: Enchantment Shop.
Cop Ranks:
Trial Cop:
Earn respect as a Trial cop and you can progress through the ranks and become more then just a simple "Mall Cop".
You have now became a real Cop and you now have a much greater responsibility to full fill.
Senior Cop:
You are now a super powerful cop It is your job to find and smack down those terrible druggies, Find their bases and destroy them to no return.
You are now a recuiter for the police faction it is your job to select the new cops so that your force will not become weak and lose this war against the druggies.
Server Information
Server IP: DrugCartel.KaiGaming.Com
Teamspeak3: TeamSpeak.KaiGaming.Com
1$ = 25k
20$ = 1million
5$ = God Sword(Max Enchnated)
15$ = God Tools(Max Enchanted)
20$ = God Armor(Max Enchanted)
5$ = Vip Gold
10$ = Vip Iron
15$ = Vip Lapis
20$ = Vip Diamond
5$ = Plot
2$ = Plot Extension
2$ = Add a Friend
25$ = Sky Limit Plot + 2 Friends

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