The Kingdoms

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High quality role playing

Build your own Kingdom along with your own Jail, Market, Flight Points and more!

In house plugin development with working professional programmers

Explore a world so large you may never reach the end!

TheKingdomsMC is more than just any MineCraft server. We utilize MineCraft as a portal in which we have built and experience our world. In our world you are the writer of your own story and the builder of your own empire. In our game you can choose your path. Upon entering the world you will find yourself at the docks of a modest coastal town. From there you venture off into the world. You may find yourself the leader of a small clan that will one day grow into a huge empire that rules over a large claim of land. Or you may find yourself going solo and starting a farm on the countryside, to then sell your goods to the kingdoms nearby.

Maybe that's not enough for you. You want Adventure and excitement! Join one of the kings army or rangers to patrol the borders for bandits, or even become a bandit yourself, and attempt to steal from the dim witted citizens of the nearby Lords kingdom. The possibilities only begin here, and it's up to you to decide what's next.

TheKingdomsMC is a role-playing server that lets you be what you want to be. All players live with each other in a massive new world, and everyone makes their own destiny. We focus on role-playing, but we also like to have our casual times in and out of game. With a great community and great server, TheKingdomsMC is an awesome place for old members and open for new members to carve their own niche.

TheKingdomsMC is powered by a deep system of in-house plugins named Societies. It is unlike anything that has been graced by the likes of MineCraft before. Societies offers a powerful town system, economy, and chat system. Among other smaller plugins, Societies allows players to create shops using our unique market system, place bounties on other players heads, and have their own pets! This just barely scratches the surface of what Societies can do and will do in the future. Societies isn't just a set of plugins that adds a few commands, Societies offers a new player experience.

With societies, you will play the game like you have never played it before on any other server. The system entirely caters to our high standards of gameplay, and fun.

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