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GalaxyCraft - Survival & More
Hello, I'm here today to tell you about Galaxycraft, an amazing Minecraft server which has been up and running since early 2011! There are a lot of fun things to do. The main aspects of the server are survival and earning, there is a great economy and many plugins to have hours of fun with including shops and money, we also use a range of basic plugins like Pstone protection.

Server Features:
We like to show off about or multiworld abilities so there are more options for you to chose to have fun with, we have a creative world, a hardcore world and several game arenas, including the mobarena and a skyblock world!
You can earn money in the survival world by joining a job or selling things.
The job system is very simple and there are plugin guides on the site if you ever need help, the main jobs are Woodcutter, miner, fisher and digger, you just join the job and you gather the resources, you are then paid automatically!
We do regular competitions, monthly or more where you can earn ranks by building and showcasing your builds and various other ways!
We have some added challenge to the survival aspect as we have the plugins Zombie Apocalypse which randomly spawns a hoard of zombies during a night time at some point and gives you a challenge and set amount to kill by the day time for extra awards! We also have bloodmoon which increases the strength of mobs.
Our server has mypets too which means you can have your own personal pet to ride, use in combat and use in pvp dueling! You can have one pet per world and it can be almost anything!

The server is currently run by the Main Owner and Developer: "Soupazade (Me)". A Website Tech/Support Admin:"TheZoq2", two very active server admins: "MRU_Cartman" and "GeneCo", and last but not least are two mods : "Chickenhi" and "3Dsion3D. All of these staff members can be contacted via Skype and Email.

The main rules are no griefing, scamming, stealing or using hacked clients, and to be nice and respectful to all members. Check out our site for more!

Also as of may 2013 the server is under new management so if you have any suggestions we'd be happy to hear them, a lot of changes are coming, for the good. Thanks for reading.

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