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Emerellis Pixelmon BETA


Come join today!

IP: emerellis.mcpro.co

Version: 4.2.7

Come and survive in the heart of the badlands, thrive in the jungles, chill on the beaches, or settle in a forest cottage with your Eevee! For a limited time, start your journey with a shiny starter as your companion!

This server includes:
- Survival
- 8 CPU gyms
- Other player run gyms
- Custom ranks -Gym leader ranks, you tube ranks, donor ranks and more
- Safari Zones
- Elite 4
- Special Legendary Pokemon Events
- Keep Inventory is on
- Riding is enabled

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IP Address

US Servers

  • Offline! Players
  • 1.8.9 Version
  • 25.5% Uptime
  • 1 day Last Ping
  • 0 Votes

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