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DzR Minecraft - Indonesia Minecraft Server

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-----------------------------------] NEW JOURNEY BEGIN'S HERE! [----------------------------------

DzR Minecraft is a Mixed Genre Minecraft server. And we here to tell you about all of this server

First of all, DzR Minecraft are using auto rank system. So you can have raise your ranking to higher one, Every ranking got his own feature and you will be rewarded with Dr Money (Current Currency) when your ranking up.

Secondly, DzR Minecraft are like another server, with some survival and creative mixing......
BUT, dont worry about it because we do mixing a unique feature to this server.

Here the list of feature we got
• Pets system
Pets is all you need to support you when fighting a mob and in this server, you can
register your pets into tournament or do some outscene farm nor resourcing

• Custom mob and dungeon
In this server, dungeon is for fighting mob and mob are labeled with level. So the higher the
level of the mob, the higher priority of item's dropped

• RPG health and items
This one will make vanilla server into an rpg style gaming. To buy RPG Item you need to
complete some quest that reward you with the item to buy it. As for RPG Health you
can raise your health with just fighting a mob in our server.

• Skyblock
Well about this feature.... actually not a feature *TEEHEE. You know what skyblock is right?
then you can play it on this server and our skyblock has a ranking system. If you got to top10
of skyblock ranking, then you will be rewarded up to your ranking you placed

• Poker and Blackjack
*Nod *Nod Why not? if you got much money and want to search Dr Money this way, go
gambling your luck with this feature. The greatest Buy-in Tables, the more you got.....
well based on the phrase "The winner takes all" so you need to Win :#

• Faction with already-served territory
Nah this one is the best for me thought, because its so challenging. In this server, you can't
claim a wilderness land... WHY? because we got already-server territory, by the way
every territory got a Guardian (Protector) of the land. Defeat him and he will be your ally to
protect your land from being raided..... Well of course, Raiding is free in this server *laugh
like villain*

Oh yeah one more, you can rent a Guard in the spawn of faction world (Wild) for defending
the front gate

• Regular PvP system
In this server, you can ONLY killing player in pvp world, because we are peacefull.
Killing people, can up your Ranking Killing too. And searching for some Dr Money can
use this way, but only for Rogue (Jobs).

And thats all about this server, even thought there still more.....
Well if you want to know more about our server, why not join it? its free and doesnt charge anything

But you can donate this server too. If you fell like want to help us with funding the server you,
we really appreciate your help for us, even donating 10 Cen is worth for us (Not being sacarstic, we really mean it with our hearts :D)

IP : mc.dzrminecraft.com / dzrminecraft.servegame.com
Website : http://www.dzrminecraft.com/
Forum : http://www.dzrminecraft.com/forums/

Okay, see you in the server
------ /

Best Regard
StalagicEcho | Owner DzR Minecraft (ganesha.oke@gmail.com)

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