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Valentine Anarchy - Latest Snapshot

Valentine Anarchy - Latest Snapshot
Players Online
MC Version: 22w19a
Game Modes: / / /
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Valentine Anarchy - Latest Snapshot (

Game Modes: / / /

We have the newest 1.19 experimental snapshot.

Now with the Warden and Ancient Cities and the Deep Dark.

The Ancient Cites are truly massive.

We will update with each new snapshot.

Also, as you can tell from our name, we are an Anarchy server, which means no rules. Maybe there will be a few bad guys, but you can also meet many friendly people here. You can also build secret bases if you go far enough from spawn. Anarchy is the true survival mode, since nothing is protected, and there are no rules.

Also, like all anarchy servers, it means the spawn area is a bit destroyed, but that's part of the fun and you can find lots of beautiful terrain as soon as you get away from spawn.

We have lots of different kinds of players on Valentine Anarchy: Some who like to build, some who want to explore, some who like PvP, and many who want to team up with others to do all those things.

Come join us on Valentine Anarchy

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