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The Golden Pickle

The Golden Pickle
Server Status
MC Version: 21w37a
Game Modes: / / / /
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The Best 21w37a Minecraft Servers

The Golden Pickle (

Game Modes: / / / /

The Golden Pickle is a semi anarchy, kinda towny, totally chill SMP. weve got a few plugins to make the game a little more fun but its not too much to swallow. We have a central sign shop located at spawn where you can buy and sell almost 100 items. "limited" land claims that you have to spend "pickles" on.(pickles are currency) Oh and how can i forget about the ALCOHOL! thanks to the brewery plugin you can brew drink and sell your very own brewed, distilled, aged, and bottled booze! other than that theres the usual /tpa and /home and spawn. its vanilla, just... better

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