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Pencil Guy Network

Pencil Guy Network
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MC Version: 21w11a
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Welcome to the Pencil Guy Network! ____________________________________________________________
Have you ever joined a minecraft network and then left because of toxic staff/members?
or built a cool creation on a server only for it to be blown up?

well if that is the case then you have found the right server because here you wont find any of that, instead you will find a kind community server that is made for everyone looking for a non toxic creative based server. we have anti-grief plugins to prevent any kind of grief from TNT damage to simple floods and block damage, we even disabled mob damage. and in case all else fails the staff team has a backup plan that will completely restore all build data in a matter of seconds.

If you are interested in joining feel free to just copy and paste the Server IP from this site into the box labeled server address when you click on add server.

If you have any questions about joining feel free to contact me on discord at:PencilGuyStudios#4012

Hope to see you soon!

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