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CosMosMC / SkyBlock

CosMosMC / SkyBlock
Server Status
MC Version: 20w21a
Game Modes: / /
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The Best 20w21a Minecraft Servers

CosMosMC / SkyBlock (

Game Modes: / /

Welcome to CosMosMC, home to a new generation of MC servers.

Player Shops | Anybody and everybody is allowed to create their own shop
Player Warps | you can create public warps
Safe Islands | Your island is automatically protected!
Pets | We have Pets that you can purchase on our website!
: Spawners! | Make money by using spawners!
from other players!
Friendly Community | Although we are a new server, we encourage our future players to be
Jobs | Make money doing what you love!
Custom Plugins | we have custom plugins to make our server unique!
Custom Tags | Yes we have a custom tags plugin! We give free tags away!
Come enjoy the state of the art SkyBlock server, with new and innovative features!

:fire: IP: :fire:

We're waiting for you! :D


Website: Coming soon...

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