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Snapshot SMP

Snapshot SMP
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MC Version: 19w36a
Game Modes: /
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Snapshot SMP (

Game Modes: /

Welcome to the Snapshot SMP server! This is a server dedicated to always being on the latest minecraft snapshot
with no world resets (unless the world totally destroys itself, which it hopefully wont). The server automagically updates itself to
the latest snapshot upon its release, so you you can have all of your beautiful new features! Also, if you are a nice person you should
vote for the server! Vote books are provided in the chest at spawn! Please note that the following activities are bannable:
Mass Swearing, Advertising, Hate Speech, Racism, Botting, and you get the idea lol. Just don't destroy the server, it's a chill place.
Worldborder increases by 1k blocks (almost) every week. I hope this server develops a neat community! Discord:

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