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Tired of build servers that just give you creative?

Want to feel pride in what you build?

It's time you gave us a shot!

We a brand spanking new, throw you over my knee, and make you yell "no daddy, stop" server.

No need to wait for a plot. Hop in, claim a plot.

U-Craft is all about you.

Large plots give you room to be creative, with protection to protect.

Unlike your ex, who wouldn't let you go to the bar alone. 18 years... And for what? I'll tell you... Those ugly lepard print boots...

Sorry... Moving on...

This isn't a casual server though. Creative isn't just given to you. You have to earn blocks legit. 100% of our block on U-Craft are legit.

U-Craft is a gay friendly server, and will take all players with open arms. (or legs) (call me)

We have a stict no discrimination policy, and don't take lightly to homosexualy, racism, sexism, or any other ism's.

"I identify as a B-92 Fighter jet, does that included me?"

Uh... Sure?

Our sever has plugins that can keep a group entertained, or one person.

Plus, we are always adding new things. So you will never get bored.

But let's be real for a sec, because right now, as we speak, tragity is impacting the lives of thousands.

We call it "12 year old MineCraft server owner"

Tragic really...

Luckly, that's not a thing here!

The staff here are so grown up, hair went off our heads, down our chest, and decided to just stay at our balls.

100% profesionally hosted
100% profesionally configured
100% bug and error free

Players are also backed up with no lag, plug-ins that don't ruin game play.
Plus I am always open to feed back.

Now what are you waiting for? JOIN IN! :D

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  • 1.8.9 Version
  • 25.5% Uptime
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