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Hey guys,
As you all probably might know, this server is still in development . But hey, this doesn�t stop you from joining. Come down to Leadcraft.hosthorde.com and join us to say we all belong. Before we go too far down this track, let�s stop and review some history. On the night of September 2012, an �idea� popped through a mind of a LeadCrafter. This �idea� sprouted amongst a group of friends and slowing a server was formed. This was the scratch of the surface to what has now become LeadCraft. 😆 From then on, standards were kept high and now we can proudly say, we did it. Not only had we created a successful server, but a legacy that can finally rest in the hands of our very own members, you! Our legacy to you to realise that it is not only �fun and games!�, it is �FUN and GAMES�. What do we mean by this you may ask. As the years have gone, we have try to maintain a goal, a goal to keep gamers happy. We would like to celebrate by say that we are doing just that. We would like to keep our community happy. A community that will be fill with gamers of all sizes, nationalities, ages, heights, genders and passions.

Now we have given you a snippet of our past, why don�t you join us and see the future. This is a place where you have the freedom. The freedom of speech. The freedom of discussion. The freedom of sharing your suggestions. The freedom of giving ideas. The freedom of know this is the place where you belong, where you will grow up going through the good and bad, where you CAN speak to us, where you CAN be apart of a community. This is LeadCraft.

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