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Have you ever wanted to just make friends on a mc server. Well This is the place. We the staff try to be as positive and happy as possible, And Have fun like normal players. We have Custom crafting with /recipes and kits such as /kit midas (Starter and can be used at any time), Claims so you don't get raided, and /wild for easy travel away from spawn

We try to be a better than average server, but we don't have the players, thats where you come in! Even if its just a drop by to say hi or playing for hours on end, we love and enjoy it all. We Hope You join and have fun as we had fun making the server. You can join our discord server for updates (visible) on The server hub.

This is a server for people who like a UHC vibe want want to save their progress. If thats you, then you will most likely enjoy the server! we like to give people a good experience for EVERYONE no matter race, preference, or anything in between!

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  • 1.15.1 Version
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