Welcome to "The Madness" We are a Spigot server based around a group a friends that were tired of having abusive admins and owners. The point of "The Madness" is to have a place to go and have fun and forget about your everyday problems for awhile. We are a small community of just two Owners and one System Manager, with a nice player base of around 5-10 users a day. We are currently looking to grow our small community to one of medium size around 20-30 users. We are a survival server with basic plugins to keep everything running smoothly such as 1) Factions for land claiming and team with friends (Optional). 2)Killer Rewards for money for our shop, (Auction and Casino Plugin). 3) Voting Crates to benefit you the user to get a nice reward for helping spread our servers name. 4) RandomTPs so you can start out on your amazing journey without running into people. Along with other plugins to help the server run.
Upon joining the server you will be dropped in our New 1.9 spawn along with have a basic kit of Protection 1 Leather armor, Stone Tools and 16 Cooked Mutton to help you get started on your journey. (Keeping the Kit is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL) With 3 random teleport signs ready to teleport you away and start exploring The Madness World. I appreciate you taking the time to read our post and hope to see "The Madness" Claim you too.
We are constantly listening to our users on what they would like to see, so we are ever growing on what we add to our server.
A Few Helpful Links
Minecraft Server IP: Mc.TheMadness.Us
TeamSpeak Server IP:
Website (Under Construction)
Be respectful
Don't be a creep
No ABUSING Staff Members
No Advertising
No using all Caps or Spamming
English in main chat ONLY
No griefing, nor stealing
No Hacking/Xraying, or No Exploits
No AFKING at grinder (Constant abuse will result in Spawner being removed)
Nether and End are Griefable

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