BatyaCraft 1.8-1.14

Tags: Anarchy BedWars Cracked Creative Economy Minigames Parkour Prison Skyblock Skywars

What is BatyaCraft?

This is the best minecraft server where you can become a bat on the district!

- Everything you need to eat! Skins, a bunch of thoughtful modes, tops, tasks!

- Self-written plugins that we made ourselves!

- We do everything from the heart

- Versions from 1.8-1.14

We have dofiga modes for you to have a good time from the soul:

There is a mode where you can build your island extracting things from the void.
There is also a well-thought-out economy, ore generation,
There is a mob arena for 50 waves with different sets.
Can dobazaritsya with all and win on auctions, and then will create music recognized have themselves
It's all freebies, so go!

If you many walking in rocking chair, then you clearly can win all on pvp of a,
Therefore, the SKYWARS mode is created for you.
You jump on the island, you look for that gave in chests and you wet all in a row that
To get to the rink on easy. Come on, it's a tough fight like you like!

Well, if you're as considerate to soak everyone and everything, and even break the bed
Then come here, and show everyone who can pull. Do you know how to play this game,
Therefore, there is no need to explain.

I think if you can't work by force, brains that can think like a hacker.
Because here you can create your own server with your rules, with all the guys.
Make your neighborhood right in the game, and let it appreciate the clearest men!

Sometimes you get put in jail, but you don't want to rot there, do you?
So you need to develop, then come to the factions that will become a second home and
wet all the cops and bosses. The prison is really huge so come on, search everything and dominate.


Come to us, there is something to do:

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  • 1,779/3,227 Players
  • 1.17.1 Version
  • 97.8% Uptime
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