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About Fort-Town
Fort-Town aims to be one of the most friendly and welcoming servers you'll find around. Our server aims to be cross between free-build, and survival with a feel of minecraft servers from the days of old. We welcomes clans to join on our server to call it their home.. Our staff is here to serve you. Dedicated to a fun, friendly, and all around enjoyable Minecraft Multiplayer experience.
Getting Started
Upon spawning, you will find a row of signs with all the rules, regulations. After reading the board as suggested, you will be allowed to find an area with no "residence" on it and start building your first house and whatnot. Because we run towny you may also build a community for you and your friends within our server.
Rules and Regulations
Be respectful
Be ethical
Use common sense
No client mods/flyhacking, xray, or griefing
Listen to all Moderators and Admins
No swearing
Administrators: Owner hawksquawks.
How to Join
We're a very welcoming server, you won't have to fill out any applications to join. All you have to do is connect to with your client, and start playing! You won't regret joining our server, we assure you. To get farther than Default on our server and become Member, you'll have to play for long enough for us to realize you're with us, around a week or so. Thank you for reading this, we really hope you'll come and join us soon!
Some more information about Fort-Town
-World Guard
-iconomy chest shop
And much more to come.
So please check us out just come by our server and check out the AWESOMENESS in development!

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