Tags: Adventure Faction Hardcore Mcmmo PvE PvP

Looking for an outstanding never seen before server?

- Factions
-Community Driven
-1.14 server with pvp 1.8/1.14 elements.
- F-Top winners
- Growing community
- McMMo - Balanced the way it should be.
- Chests can be opened in other peoples territories
- Custom enchants
- Custom potions
- Custom land generation

Mythic is a faction server that aims to provide a community-driven experience. Every Friday and Saturday we have 2x EXP for McMMo & Vanilla Minecraft, Wither's are enabled but super rare, the PvP is 1.8-1.14 so although the server is on 1.14 it will feel like 1.8 with 1.9-1.14 items, PvP is always being balanced so keep that in mind, vanilla enchanting goes higher than normal to balance McMMo, There are Custom potions, fun and exciting terrain generation, the list goes on. We are always looking to improve and add more content as the servers life goes on. If you have any-more questions don't be afraid to join the discord server and ask, We are a warm and welcoming community always looking for new members.

Give us a shot if you are looking for a reliable and fun experience!

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  • 1.14.4 Version
  • 25.6% Uptime
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