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We are a Bukkit Vanilla Minecraft server that was whitelisted for a few months and are now returning to the world of public! We are ready to go for at minimum, the following year! That's a whole year of server-y goodness, guys! Now I bet you wanna hear about the server, huh? I bet you do.

We are running multiple plugins to make your experience better and constantly improving. We currently have MarriageMaster, TreeAssist, RandomTP, Chairs and Dynmap as extra plugins, and several plugins that are basic needs such as Coreprotect and GriefPrevention. Soon to come are things like Mob Arena, Disguises and other fun toys like that!

That's right, you guessed it - we do NOT allow griefing, raiding, or PvP without permission! We are a friendly, build and survival focused server. Therefore, only a couple trusted players for server builds and Co-Owners+ have creative!

Our rules, so that you know even before you get on, convenient, right are as follows:

1. No griefing or raiding.
2. No advertising.
3. Cursing is totally fine. Just not at anyone aggressively.
4. Don be a jerk. IE: no racism, homophobia, etc.
5. No abusing glitches.
6. Respect staff. If you have a problem with one go to SirTig or BeansyPup.
7. No hacking or mods. Optifine, shaders and minimaps are ok.
8. Don ask for ranks, OP, items or creative. Seriously.
9. No spam or capslock.
10. No making lag machines or contraptions that cause excessive lag.
11. No PvP without permission in Minecraft chat.
11b. In your call or chat doesn't count.
12. Do not build within 2000 blocks of spawn. Use /rtp.
12b. We will take down your build without a refund if you build within 2000 blocks.
13. If you are thirteen and under and you cause problems in chat repeatedly, we reserve the right to perma mute you.
13b. This is so that you may still enjoy the server, but everyone else can too.

In short, we are always looking for new players and are so, so excited to be open to the public once more after our few months whitelisted! We are ready to bring you, once more, the best experience we possibly can! Active staff including the Owners, we actually play survival too!, active community and always willing to help.

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