A World of Ice and Fire


A World of Ice and Fire

IP: play.iceandfiremc.com

Join discord: https://discord.gg/zhVjCWY
Join our website: https://iceandfiremc.wixsite.com/server

The World of Ice and Fire server is finally ready for beta launch! For those who wish a new minecraft survival experience like no other, this is the server for you!

There are a bunch of new items on to be crafted in this world, and some items that previously could not be crafted, now have a recipe. As an example, you can now craft spawners with a new twist! Not to mention, the server includes a massive questing system for you to take on. These quests are completely optional, and are integrated with the survival gameplay.

The server is also inspired by the world of Game of Thrones, which may spice up the experience for fans of the show/books. However, this does not negatively effect players who have not seen/read it, or who are in a younger age group.

The server's custom features:

✔ Custom survival

✔ Custom crafting recipes

✔ Huge (optional) questing system with epic rewards

✔ Craftable mob spawners

✔ Silk touch spawners

✔ Custom innovative items

✔ Additional late game focused items

✔ Awesome ranks

✔ 24/7 uptime!

✔ Great community

Features coming soon to the server:

✔ Crazy parkour server with completion rewards

✔ Free ranks

✔ Custom dungeons and terrain

✔ Custom mobs

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  • 1.16.1 Version
  • 34.8% Uptime
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