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Welcome Traveler to HollowSeas: Civs! Running on 1.14.4, we offer all the new content Minecraft has to offer as well as plugins that continue to enhance your experience! One of these plugins are the backbone of the server, a plugin called Civs. Civs allows you to found towns, kinda like Towny or Factions, however, instead of focusing on claiming chunks, it focuses on your buildings. It allows you to build extraction area for digging out resources, transporting them across your town, to a selling point to be made at a profit. Each town is a little different is what they produce and sell, giving a little variety in Gameplay.

We also have plugins that help automate left for you. These plugins allow you, per say, to have a fully automated mob grinder using 1 block. Or having all xp in an area be collected into XP bottles. Or even still, have an automated crafting table to go along with your production!

We are currently launching in Alpha! What does Alpha mean? Well, we still have a few kinks to work out before we fill it is fully ready! We want to hear about YOUR feedback on how to improve. To do that, we don’t offer any monetization in Alpha unless it is for testing.

If you are at least slightly interested, feel free to check us out at Civs.HollowSeas.com Let us make some amazing memories together!

Want to come hang out on discord? https://discord.gg/2SMRZhU
Or check out our website: https://hollowseas.com

We also have a few social media (still a little old from previous HollowSeas projects). We will be posting all about HollowSeas there, as well as player accomplishments that have been made!

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