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Havoc OP PvP

The server was originally made in 2015 and now has been relaunched with modernised factions with new and unique gameplay.
Havoc OP PvP is an OP factions server also with an RPG world, with limitations to make it enjoyable, so PvP, members, loot and base-making is fair for all players. Donors have the same loot access as a non-donor would with the same amount of balance, allowing every member to enjoy it as much as each other
The server varies from custom biomes, wall gen buckets, trenching tools, all the way to a custom made RPG where you fight boss mobs for unique loot found nowhere else.
Gen buckets allow you to make a base by clicking a block and a wall will be built automatically. In order to trench, free signs are at spawn for you to get a trench pickaxe or you can use /tools!
As soon as you step on the server, signs and holograms will guide you on how to play, with portals directing you to the various and different places no other server has.
I thrive to make the server as different as possible; constantly updating it and giving members new things to try. Plugins are being made to add a twist to the server so people can see the difference as opposed to a general OP Factions server.
So hop on and say hello! Any member is willing to help with your Havoc journey!

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