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Barbaria is a server revolved around Vikings and Barbarians. Everything about it is supposed to be about brutality and old fashioned barbaric survival. The server is a mix of factions and anarchy. In a world where you can't claim land, you must protect your base, gear up, and maybe get some friends to help. You can make parties allowing teammates to not hurt party members and to seal the trust between players to survive.
  There is a player-driven economy with auctions being present, where YOU decide the price of things. The Barbaria Arena is here that allows players to bet items or money in a brutal fight. Rank up in your PVP leaderboard and dominate the server! Have you lost in a PVP fight, get griefed, or get humiliated? Put a bounty on your enemies lives! Anyone in the server can kill them to claim your bounty! Or, become an assassin and live off bounties...
  Have fun in a barbaric land where strategy and dominance is the key to being successful.

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