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Loflaria is the land of lore, a multiverse of adventure, and the dimension of opportunity!
You start off with 3 hearts in this server, but read below to see how to get more: NO DONATIONS GIVE MORE HEARTS!

-Randomized equipment drops from mobs that wield the items and try to kill you with them!
-Socket gems to put in socketed equipment that drops from those mobs, too!
-Get experience to have more max health! Not some fancy thing, we
e talking regular minecraft experience Farm, use furnaces, do whatever it takes, but becoming powerful is in your grasp!
[Level 30 10 Hearts]
[Level 50 25 Hearts]
[Level 100 50 Hearts]
[Level 200 100 Hearts]
-Instances: Places where you go and complete puzzles, fight monsters, etc. to win rewards like potions and specialized weaponry/armor you can find anywhere else! Always in progress, we love building these!
-Global market service!
-GriefPrevention lets you claim land! Its self explanatory, we promise!
-Trade system! Shift+Rightclick a user within 4 blocks to initiate a local trade, fairly displaying the content you two are trading!
-Your experience isn just max health its money, too! Visit the experience altar to sell it to make money, or pay others and let them convert it to max health by making it into experience!

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