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After 2 months of intensive bug squashing, PlayFaction is finally prepared to go public and provide a experience like no other Faction PvP server out there with its next generation content and ease of playing; giving a fantastic and fun experience for all players of all ages! Welcome to PlayFaction!

1. Build and Explore

Establish your new faction and build a fortress for it to call home! Gather materials and upgrade armor and weapons in preparation for battle!

2. Slay Players, Factions, & Mobs

Search the world and hunt others for their precious loot to call it your own! Roam the world to slay mobs and bosses such as the Wither or use the beast against other Factions! No faction is unraidable! Obsidian is breakable by multiple explosive hits!

3. Celebrate & Repeat

Return home and cache the loot! Celebrate and have a victory dance on the pole you installed yesterday in the base! Next, return to the scene of battle! There is no ending!

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