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Solarius Minecraft Server

Minecraft Server


A coming of Age has arrived for Solarius. Over the wind swept glaciers of Hoth, a new day has dawned. Survival has just taken on new meaning.

Now a Progressive Survival PVP server, players work their way through various words which offer their own forms of difficulty. As they progress, they gain new ranks and new abilities. Yet the fight is not an easy one. The environment itself works against you, as you risk freezing to death, injury, or an infectious disease. If that wasn't bad enough, you'll have to avoid rabid bounty hunters, and others who want to claim your property as their own.

Monsters have grown stronger, with some of them earning names in their own right.

Yet you are not without protection. New enchantments can now grace your items, and you may form strong factions with other players. Lock your chests and doors with signs, and when in combat, prevent your partner from dying by clicking them when they're close to death. And in case you're hungry, bowls of soup instantly fill you up! Need cash? You can set up your own shops to sell excess or valuable goods.

The question remains: can you survive? Can you prosper? Can you become one of the very few the elite of the elite?

Come find out on the new Solarius 1.8.3!


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  • 1.9.2 Version
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