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A new Minecraft experience.

This server hub currently has a Factions server, Vanilla server and an underground jungle themed Prison server. We have a custom mod pack with all the right amount of fun being made that we will run on a Modded server.

The player base is limited right now but PLEASE join to help us expand and become a large server. Since we are new, joining now means you'll have an advantage over people who join later!

The prison server was designed with a large amount of calculations, so balanced game play is expected, and its not a fast clear through the last mine. The prison is also laid out in a unique way, you must run to all the mines and shops, there's no teleports to avoid PvP areas, so be ready with your armor.

Teamspeak on

If you find any bugs feel free to tell an admin in-game and well fix it as fast as possible, we care about making the game fun for all, cause that's what makes players happy.

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