Join the big city make your own or just play by yourself! Pvp is on safe in all factions You can run from cops in your cars even shoot at them. Make hide outs to sell drugs or drink in bars WATCH OUT for the LAW though they will try to bust you. Graffiti walls by using banners with your gang symbol. Play in groups or play alone! Too make your own drugs use seeds or make a potion then name it can use any type of potion you like! Its almost real life!

More to come too. So here is a list we offer to you as a player!

-Friendly staff
-Faction protection
-Guns and cars
-Donation perks
-Role play names
-country hick
NOTE: We are a kid friendly server. We do not deal wiith swearing or sexual language at all. There will be no warnings on these types of things. Same with grief.

Come to play fair and be nice you will have a good time !

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