for know it only a survival server but we are building the spawn for the prison server
for know you can play survival en wait on the prison server

Introducing Partycafe

Don't let the guards catch you on this server! Pick your style of play - prison, or drugs. Rise up in the ranks in our unique prison server, and start your own drug farm in the real world. Become the master of drug trafficking, and silence all those who stand in your way. Running custom plugins, it's not possible to lava anybody in the mines, or exploit the economy. (You want to sign up for guard? pm me when im online mc name: Dylanz21

guard Rules
There are basically a bunch of scenarios that should define everything you will experience as a guard.

1. Player with a sword / bow / weapon [not including fishing poles]
Ask the player for a sword, and give them a 5 second countdown. If they do not give you the sword,
jail them. Repeat offenders get longer and longer jail times. If they give you the sword, forgive and forget.
However, make sure they give you the same sword they were using. For example, if you see the enchantment glow on a bow they just fired an arrow with, but they give you an unenchanted bow, ask them for the real bow and countdown.

1. Players fighting
If a player is fighting another player and you see who started it, kill the person who started the fight. If you do NOT know who started the fight, kill both of the players UNLESS one player is clearly attacking and the other is clearly defending / running away.

2. Sword Trolling
This is when a player holds out a sword in front of a guard, and lets the guard confiscate it. Then, they hold out another sword. This is a huge troll and is very time consuming for guards. If they are sword trolling, jail them for 3 minutes. They deserve it.

3. Players safezoning when fighting guards ONLY
This rule only applies to when players are fighting guards. If a player fights a guard, but then runs into the safezone, give them a 5s countdown. If they don't come out, jail them. If they continue to run in and out of the safezone, jail them. You are free to go into the safezone to jail them if they are safezoning you, so you won't die while typing the command. However, if a player is fighting another player who is not a guard, but is safezoning, that's fine, leave them alone [kill the attacker though!]

4. When you are fighting a player
If you [a guard] starts fighting a player, YOU MAY NOT SAFEZONE. IF YOU SAFEZONE, and we find out, you will be deranked. Guards have infinite amounts of armor, so armor is not a problem. Do not safezone. Stay and fight. Also, somewhere in your application, write the following so we know you read the rules: dreadiscool was here.

5. Item Sharing
Guards may share items with other guards, but may NOT share them with players. Any guard caught giving guard items, swords, or confiscated contraband to players will be deranked.

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