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Are you ready for the most grueling, gut-wrenching, spine-tingling experience a minecrafter could face? Well on Vanillin Maximus life is tough and mobs are even tougher! You will be chewed spit out and chewed some more If the mobs don't get you the players will! - Griefing - Destroy any player structure - Killing - PvP to your hearts content - Raiding - Loot & Pillage - Stealing - You get the idea It's all allowed here. But don't worry we weren't too cruel thats, why we gave you TWO sethomes! (We have donation packages for 4 & 8 homes) We have things like VeinMiner, SignEditor, TreeCapitator, Dragon Auto Respawn, Parties, InfiniAnvil InfiniAnvil: Anvil durability is annoying so we disabled it! no more replacing anvils here TreeCapitator/ChopTree: Chop the whole tree, trees have physics so why not chop the whole tree instead VeinMiner: Take that whole vein down! now you can easily mine an entire vein of coal in just one go SignEditor: Ever wish you could edit those pesky mistakes well now you can! Dragon Auto Respawn: Relive the dragon boss fight! and get a dragon egg each time! ----><--

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