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BlockiCube is a roleplay survival server, where you build in survival to roleplay! You can buy your own protected plot of land, gather resources, build a home, a school, a shop, a museum, a theater, (or just whatever you want) and roleplay!

You can make money by mining, killing mobs, and earning interest by being online, as well as any money exchanges you have with other players in character.

Start off by building a temporary hut in free-for-all land. Then, when you have enough money to purchase a region, click a sign on a plot to purchase it!

This server is still in its beginnings, and not many regions for sale have been created yet. However, if you find a plot of land you'd like us to set up, feel free to contact a mod!

The Lore Behind BlockiCube:

Centuries ago, way before any of our great great great grandparents were even born stood four civilizations. These nations of unknown size were known throughout the known world as the four lords of the world. Their people, culture, technology, and armies were outmatched by none outside of the four. These nations stood the test of over 1000 years. They repelled invaders, stopped civil wars, and did anything in their power to make sure the land was in peace. They became so advanced in weapons, transportation, and medicine that even through the mightiest of threats nature threw at them, they stood their ground. Nothing else much is known after this point. But all good things must come to an end. The population became too great and soon civil war broke out about who could get the last of the food grown that year. So many people died that they were forced to go back to the old ways of living and leave their once great technology behind. They continued to rebuild the regions back to their former glory, and the old days fell into legend in their societies. But something else from the old days was about to make a return.

The deadliest weapon to ever be created was discovered one day by a group of explorers. By mistake, they released the weapon and it set out to do the one task it was created to do, reduce the population to a healthy level. The problem was that this weapon could learn; it was constructed with the best technology at the time and was almost unstoppable. It attacked from nowhere and ravaged the land with its weapons. Nation after nation fell to the army it had created. It poisoned the world around it and was only stopped when it saw that it had dealt enough damage. It has never been seen since, and the four lords of the world were never seen again. It is said that ruins from ancient times still scatter the countryside. And it still shows the marks of an ancient war for the survival of a race. Today lies of what is left of the world and how we came to be. What will you do in your life? Will you search for the ruins? Make a life of your own? Or rebuild the ancient kingdoms to their former glory?

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