[Update 1.0] @everyone
What's New?
- Season 1 has arrived! Check out the new FREE MinePass available to all users! (More info below)
- The Arena is now available to all users! (More info below)
- Lots of other general changes. (More info below)
Season 1 MinePass:
- All ranks have been reset to start from a level playing field. (Economy, plots, and survival remain untouched)
- Use /warp MinePass to check out all the sweet things you'll unlock at each rank.
- Use /gmenu to access your cosmetics menu.
- Season 1 will run for 3-4 weeks, depending on how well it is received.
The Arena (Competitive):
- Place bets and fight to the death using your own items! (Keep inventory is on)
- Winning increases your ELO. The higher your ELO the more prizes you can win!
- Want to play an unranked match with a friend? Use /duel [name]
- The Arena can be found at /warp Arena or in the portal at spawn.
General Changes:
- New Kits "Raid" and "Defense"
- Chat Reaction name changed from MineConomy to MineChat
- Chat Reaction prize doubled

Upcoming Updates:
- Clan plugin (No claiming, but allows the formation of clans)
- Competitive clan rankings
- Season 1 special event
- Advertisements to increase server popularity (It's about time right?)

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