What we have to offer… This is a non p2w 1.8-1.13 Hub server, we structured it as much as possible to not allow p2w odds, in the fact that even the highest of donor ranks don’t have a great “pay to win” chance with the warriors of the server! Voting gives you way more than you might expect, and with triple rewards, you are going to be set every day, so dont forget to vote! Are you a YouTuber well, you are welcomed to collaborate with the other YouTubers with some having over 1k subscribers! You may also apply on the forums. You will receive significant perks if you are accepted, have 200+ subs then you can be eligible for famous rank, Good luck! Do you always have a hard time finding mobs in the dark Well, wait no longer with MobArena! This is a mini-game where players can join forces to defeat the waves of mobs are coming at them from left to right and even from the sky! Only the toughest can beat the spider of all mobs which is not an enemy that will be going down anytime soon without a fight! There is a total of five ranks that players can achieve in the game, although these ranks may seem to cost a lot and take a lifetime to get to its not a hassle to make easy money. Voting gives you epic rewards, and that means a lot of in-game-money especially if you have triple rewards! Still seem like a lifetime to obtain the high ranks Well with voting keys you can make more than you ever thought you would! Dont get me started with the higher crate keys they are so overpowered it would scare a whole guild into putting those with legendary keys on their watch list just to be safe from them! Hey, what about staff members What if they abuse Although this can’t be prevented 100 we have made very strict guidelines for staff to follow to ensure that punishments and other staff affairs are handled efficiently and safely. Isnt it always a pain to see hackers and other rule breakers Well, don’t you worry you have the ability to report the rule breakers either in-game or on the forums to assist in keeping the server as toxic-free as possible! We all know you make mistakes, we are all humans which mean we are not all perfect. Our staff has a very flexible punishment system to be as lenient as possible! We want everyone to know that we just don’t punish for the fun of it, we punish to keep a healthy and friendly environment for the community. Its no secret that adults also play Minecraft, but that does not mean the youth of Minecraft has to see their toxicity while playing on the server. Everyone has to follow the rules as to prevent ordeals that Will not end pretty. I could keep going on about what else this server has to offer, but I don’t want to spoil any secrets that may be lurking around the server have fun to explore and finding those secrets! Invite all your friends to make your gameplay even better, might as well be amazing! We hope to see you and your friends enjoying your time on the server! If we dont see you, well you still have a good day!

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  • 1.8.8 Version
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