NobleKingdom is a community of Minecraft players whom love the survival experience you are free to do what you want with the exception of some rules and guidelines. you can depart from spawn and begin your journey to where ever you want your base. please be courteous to other players if you do stumble upon someone's base please do not steal from other players everybody works hard to get the things that they have I would also encourage you to acquire a Enderchest to carry with you ass a backpack you will also need a silk touch pickaxe to break the chest. if you encounter any problems please report the problem too the admins (Tpruitt88 or LadyLixia). please do not build at spawn, if you have any ideas to improve spawn please let admins know. We have implemented one person sleeping however other player can cancel you sleeping within a certain amount of time if they so choose as they maybe doing something that requires night.

List of Rules:

1.No Griefing

2.No Spamming

3.No Advertising

4.No Cursing/No Constant Cursing

5.No Trolling/Flaming

6.No Banned Items

7.No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items

8.Respect all Players

9.Obey Staff There the Law

10. No Racist or Sexist Remarks.

11. No Mods/Hacks

12.No Full Caps Messages

13.No Builds Near Spawn

14.No 1x1 Towers

15.if you are building with Redstone please have a manual disable so it can be disabled if it causes lag.

16. No Stealing from other players

Mod/Admin Rules:

1.Be Responsible with the privileges you are given as a Builder/Mod

2.Do not spawn blocks or items for other players

3.When Trading, only buy and sell legit items

4.Only help build for other players using legit items and blocks

5.No Power Abuse

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