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IMPORTANT: due to this being a tekkit server, some server lists and advertising platofrms may show it as being offline - install the technic launcher - and tekkit for minecraft 1.6.4 and you'll be able to join as normal :)

Tekkit Mania is a Minecraft server dedicated to the individuals with the desire to create massive advanced machines and using some of the most interesting equipment offered by Tekkit - our server also runs some of the most intriguing plugins to date. With generous permissions throughout the server, work your way up the ladder and receive more permissions on every rank up. This is a small server so it will be well maintained and our goal is to create a tekkit community that we can work with and against if that is how you play the game. Because of the nature of the mods that we have installed you will be required to install the technic launcher where then you can join our server as you usually would. - We also highly recommend installing the Sphax texture pack - you would need to install the texture pack for Minecraft 1.6.4 .

We are looking for members of staff and it will work on a first come first serve basis - we are looking for the current roles - Mods - Admins each will respectfully come with their own perks and duties ie promoting our server, maintaining a comfortable experience for all that play, server maintenance and everything else relating to that role.

When you first join you will see that you have tourist permissions, this is to prevent any unwanted occurrences happening with 'guests' that join our server and try to disrupt a healthy server. This can quickly become overcome by 1. joining our discord server and 2. send a tasteful message to an admin or mod which will then result in your rights/perms being moved up to our member list and I will leave a list of the perms a member has below; anyone applying for the admin or moderator role will have to prove why they would be a suitable candidate ie we are looking for know-it-all miners, builders, rule keepers etc.

Please feel free to join as I am looking forward to meeting you - please feel free to join our discord server so we can meet and greet properly.


- essentials.help
- essentials.rules
- essentials.motd
- essentials.afk
- essentials.back
- essentials.depth
- essentials.delhome
- essentials.help
- essentials.home
- essentials.list
- essentials.mail
- essentials.mail.send
- essentials.me
- essentials.motd
- essentials.msg
- essentials.ping
- essentials.r
- essentials.rules
- essentials.seen
- essentials.sethome
- essentials.signs.use.disposal
- essentials.spawn
- essentials.suicide
- essentials.tpa
- essentials.tpaccept
- essentials.tpahere
- essentials.tpdeny
- essentials.worth
- essentials.pay
- essentials.buy
- essentials.sell
- essentials.msg.multiple
- essentials.sethome.multiple
- essentials.msg.color
- essentials.msg.format
- essentials.msg.magic
- essentials.msg.url
- essentials.ignore
- essentials.nick
- essentials.nick.color
- essentials.fireball
- essentials.back.ondeath
- essentials.back
- essentials.home.bed
- essentials.signs.create.buy
- essentials.signs.create.sell
- essentials.signs.create.trade
- essentials.signs.use.buy
- essentials.signs.use.sell
- essentials.signs.use.balance
- essentials.signs.use.info
- essentials.signs.use.trade
- essentials.signs.use.warp
- essentials.tp.timer.move

Votes will happen frequently for any suggestions of perms that should be added. Any perms that violate the sustainability of the sever will automatically be revoked.

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