Do you want to be associated with the next big server? Welcome, to Garnix.

A server designed by gamers, for gamers.

Here at GarnixPvP, we offer a variety of different aspects that other server owners fail to offer.

A revolutionary survival experience is brewing as you’re reading this.

The old pay-to-win survival experience is now completely dissolved. Here at Garnix, we strive to offer the best gaming experience. We offer an assortment of features that will absolutely put you in awe.


· Heads – A nifty decorative item that you can purchase via our shop.

· Pets – Enjoy fully customizable pets that never leave your side.

· Anti-Greif – An important asset that will benefit all players as it prevents griefers from destroying your belongings.

· Quests – Amusing and entertaining objectives that you are assigned.

· Jobs – If you’re in need of some extra resources, people are hiring!

· Lockette – Lock all of your goodies away and throw away the key. You choose who gets to utilize your equipment.

· Ranks – Epic donator ranks that support the server and offer beneficial perks to the customer.

· Daily Chests – Collect daily rewards as you log in.

· Player Shops – Become a merchant today, open a player shop to let the whole server know that you’re selling, trading or purchasing items.

· Custom Items & Blocks – An adventurous world, filled with mysterious items and blocks.

· Slime Fun – A exceptionally fun activity to goof around with friends, and fellow slimes.


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