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Venture Vanilla is a brand new survival server that aims to bring you the original Minecraft experience. After years of being flooded with Factions, Skyblock, and Minigame servers, the Minecraft community has lost it's roots. Venture Vanilla offers players endless fun. Our goal is a give you a server with no guidelines, no expectations, and minimal plugins. However, a few features that make this server unique are:

/Event (coming soon)
Free ranks
No sethomes, warps, or tpas
The map will never reset!


Using hacks of any sort is forbidden. Xray is no exception.
Abusing major exploits like duping and lag machines are not allowed. If you aren't sure if it's allowed, just ask.
Griefing and stealing is allowed.
Scamming is allowed. Use /trade to avoid scams.
Don't be toxic. We don't allow n word passes.
Have fun!

Join us now at: pvp.venturesurvival.org

Note: This server is not pure anarchy. There are rules, but we are very lenient with them as we want to give players freedom.

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  • 29/50 Players
  • 1.13.2 Version
  • 99.2% Uptime
  • 15 hours Last Ping
  • 7 Votes

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