Welcome to MetaCraft!

This is an [OP SURVIVAL] type server.

This pretty much means it is a much bigger step up from Vanilla Survivals.

Special Features:

* Crates
* Higher Level Enchantments
* Keep Inventory is On
* Mob Griefing is Off
* Fire-Tick is off
* Custom Advancement Pack:
* Vein Miner
* Rare Mob Head Drops
* mcMMO
* Purchasable Ranks with Extra features [Particles]
* Claim your own land so it won't get griefed!
* SilkSpawners [You can obtain spawners]
* Chat Games [ChatReaction]
* You can friend people by typing /folfriend

Anyway if you have anymore questions or concerns, let a staff member on the server know. If a staff member isn't online, join the server discord

Have Fun!
- Jemox

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  • 1.12.2 Version
  • 31.4% Uptime
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