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Welcome to RefineCraft!
Here, we don't simply offer a server for you to join, we offer you a variety of ways to have fun on it as well. Maybe you are the creative type or you just want to test something before building it in the survival world, we have the Creative world for that purpose. You might be the type that likens the challenging route, where you fight and steal from other players and battle hard-difficulty mobs in a mostly vanilla set of worlds. We have the Havoc worlds for that. Or perhaps you are the regular type, looking for a set of non-PvP, normal difficulty survival worlds that are mostly vanilla. We have the Survival worlds for that. All of these worlds have one thing in common that keeps them from being completely vanilla, a few plugins (some that I personally made) that keep the server fun for any age, including grief and theft protection, a filter that keeps all foul language out of people's sight, some plugins that keep people from using any "cheaty" client-side modifications, and a few plugins that are there for your help. All staff on our server is well-trained and friendly, having known me, HkB115, for a long period of time (at least a year). If you have any questions, there are many ways to get answers. We hope to see you here, have fun!

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