Dortmund Craft

Welcome to Dortmund Craft, BVB for short. Our motto is "A builder's paradise!" Ranging from survivalists, to being an entrepreneur!

Looking for some actual need for improving builds? Don't worry! We are full of helpful great builders ranging from all styles, Military, Modern, Rustic, Cartoons, you name it! This server would be you wouldn't have experienced before, trust me.
We allow members the necessary voice every member should have. Freedom is the main goal of Minecraft servers servers, most minecraft servers run in an absolute Aristocracy or Monarchy. That is bad because itll cause the server to be less fun!
But... we do keep one essential thing to our players, and that is the community! We have the greatest community ever, starting off from a private hangout server, to a giant community!

We've decided to take things as a bigger impact and form a server to be available to everyone so they can experience the fun and history we had!

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  • 1.14.4 Version
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