Kiwi SMP

Tags: Adventure

Kiwi SMP is a Survival Minecraft server featuring teams/clans, land claiming, mythical crates, exclusive items/cosmetics, ranks, an arena, and more. The server has a few rules you should familiarize yourself with before playing, and there are several things you cannot do on the server, such as mass-griefing, trash-talking, hacking, or cheating (see below for a list of more). Kiwi SMP also has an online store where you can buy various items from ranks and bundles to consumables and resources. Join this fantastic SMP server now and set off on your next exciting Minecraft adventure!

π–Ή­ Treat others with respect.
π–Ή­ Offensive content is not allowed.
π–Ή­ Keep chat family friendly. (No racism)
π–Ή­ Spamming chats is not allowed.
π–Ή­ Advertisement is strictly prohibited.
π–Ή­ Read Announcements
π–Ή­ When we said that the server was in maintenance, no one would question it more.

What is allowed on the server:
βœ“ β€’ Building
βœ“ β€’ Exploring
βœ“ β€’ Trading
βœ“ β€’ Create a team/clan
βœ“ β€’ SPVP and CPVP (only if both parties agreed) [arena, nether and end only.]

What is NOT allowed on the server*:
〆 β€’ Massive griefing is prohibited now.
〆 β€’ Random killing.
〆 β€’ Spam killing is prohibited
〆 β€’ Tpa Trapping is prohibited
〆 β€’ Cheating/Hacking
〆 β€’ Trashtalking
〆 β€’ Unfair Advantage Mods
〆 β€’ Betraying Teamates

* Getting caught doing any of these will result in 1 to 3 warnings, with the possibility of getting permanently banned.

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  • 16/69 Players
  • 1.20.4 Version
  • 100% Uptime
  • 2 days Last Ping
  • 5 Votes

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