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Tags: Drug Economy Mcmmo PvP Roleplay

IntoxicatedMC is a Minecraft Drug server with PvP, factions, economy, McMMO, guns, raiding, griefing, and, of course, drugs. Run by Evolution Gaming until it shut down pre-2013, the server has been brought back to life with new features and more fun thanks to Avidity Gaming. Its spawn features various amenities like shops, a hospital, a bank, a casino, a police department, and more. Join now to start your drug empire in the city and venture into the wild to expand. Do it all while evading cops and watching out for rival factions, plus level up and unlock new features such as better shops, gear, and perks!

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  • 3/100 Players
  • 1.20.4 Version
  • 100% Uptime
  • 5 days Last Ping
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