A Lonely World

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Tags: PvP Survival Vanilla

A Lonely World 1.20.4

A Semi-Anarchy Vanilla PvP world for players who want a truly expansive experience.
Comfort spawning into your own unique corner of the world.
Always fair and balanced as I will never offer pay to win features of any kind.
Anti-Cheat & X-Ray Prevention
Starter Kits

Looking for a fresh new vanilla world that you can drop into with the comfort of knowing your safe for now while establishing your own spot in the world?

Welcome to a a lonely world where the drop in radius in gigantic giving you the comfort of being safe or are you?

You may ask why safe for now?
Due to the large spawn radius you can feel comfort in your corner of the world.
However as new players randomly spawn into the world your little corner might not be your little corner anymore.
So hop in solo or with a friend (one time teleports available to help new players allowing friends to group up) and get an early start on establishing an outpost before things get a little more crowded.

/mail - Get in contact with players who are not online
/msg -Private message another player
/rules - Provides command overview
/vote - Show your support for the server
/tpa - This is a one-time use command to allow you to quickly join up with friends it will work once and only once

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  • 2/100 Players
  • 1.20.4 Version
  • 73% Uptime
  • 1 day Last Ping
  • 19 Votes

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