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About JETcraft PvP:

Purge nights are a new idea we've implemented into our server, nights are 5 minutes longer than usual, and PVP is enabled ONLY at night! Safe during the day, ANARCHY during the nights. Our days are 10 minutes long and nights 15 minutes. RAIDING IS ALLOWED!
HUNTING IS ALLOWED! With Factions the options are limitless. But remember, during the day pvp is disabled. So plan your nights wisely... as you never know WHO might be hiding in the shadows.

Server Information:

Server Features:

24/7 Uptime: The server is always online no matter what time of the day you want to join.
Constant Moderation: We have plenty of admins and moderators to assist you if you need help.
Automated Restarts: The server is automatically restarted at 5:00 AM PST every day to keep the server running smooth.
CoreProtect: All block changes are logged to a database stored locally on the server. This means that if some nasty griefer comes on the server and decides to give you a bad day, an admin can reverse their actions.
Server Rules:

No Hacking. We do not allow the use of hacked clients, x-ray mods/texture packs, or any other form of cheating. We will catch you, and when we do, you'll be permanently banned.
No Spamming. Do not purposefully spam the chat. Doing so will result in a temporary muting, permanent muting, or a ban, depending on severity.
Don't Ask for Items. The admins will not give you items. You're playing survival, go find what you need.
Respect the Admins. The admins are there to help you. Listen to them. Their word is final. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Additional Notes
JETcraft PvP is a server based on the fundamentals of survival play in Minecraft. This server has more focus on survival aspect of Minecraft. Come join and build something really cool!

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