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LimitlessMC is a vanilla Minecraft server from the Philippines. This survival server is only for building and communicating with other players; it does NOT allow PvP. Other features include an economy system and a friendly community. The rules of the server can be found below. As long as players follow the rules, they can expect to have a good and fun time while playing on the LimitlessMC server.

1.) No griefing or stealing: Players should not destroy or steal from other players' builds or items without permission.

2.) No hacking or cheating: Players should not use mods, hacks, or cheats that give them an unfair advantage.

3.) No harassment or hate speech: Players should not engage in any behavior that is harassing or discriminatory towards others.

4.) Respect other players: Players should be respectful towards each other and not engage in any behavior that disrupts the server's community.

5.) No spamming or advertising: Players should not spam the chat or advertise other servers or products.

6.) Follow staff instructions: Players should follow any instructions given by server staff members and not argue with their decisions.

7.) No inappropriate content: Players should not share any inappropriate content or use language that is not suitable for all ages.

8.) Keep the server clean: Players should help keep the server environment clean by not leaving any unnecessary structures or items behind.

9.) Bases have their own rules depending on the approval of a moderator or staff member. Do not scatter or place blocks inside a player's base without their consent! Doing this will be considered as griefing.

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