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The Pukku Development Team has been working on Pukku Network Season 3. Formerly known as the Pukku SMP, this Minecraft survival server changed its name to Pukku Network after the addition of two new game modes: Bedwars and Minigames. More information about the survival game mode can be read below. Connect to Pukku Network and see what about it you like best!

Survival Highlights:
1. The Overworld has evolved and become unrecognizable. It's now more fun to explore, thanks to its many new structures and custom biomes filled with interesting and custom loot.

2. The overworld will now be unrecognizable and will have many structures with interesting and custom loot.

3. Nether has a brand new custom boss, 'The Hovering Inferno.". It will be the toughest boss on the whole server, even tougher than the Ender Dragon and the Wither!

4. The Nether has bosses all around it, with almost every custom structure having its own custom items and boss, encouraging exploration to get more powerful custom items.

5. The End has many custom biomes and a better overall terraform than the Vannila experience.

6. When you first join the survival server, you must download a resource pack that requires Optifine. If you are unable to install Optifine, you can still play with the Vanilla resource pack. However, using the texture pack is recommended for a better experience.

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