Minecraft has evolved so much over the years into several playing styles. LisaCraft wants to be that one server that does Everything.
We have gathered [Survival], [Factions], [Creative], [Skyblock] and [Minigames], and wrapped them up nice and tidy into one big server. Over 60 plugins are assigned to each of our servers, because we aim to be diverse. Here on LisaCraft, we keep up with the pace, all plugins are constantly updated, and we're constantly looking for more features to add to the server.
You can do things like disguising yourself as an item/block, riding a firework rocket into the air, smoke weed (lol), set a bounty on a player and have the whole server going after him, catch a mob like you catch a pokemon, leave a trail of smoke or flowers or love hearts behind you as you walk around. There are way more cool features to even list here.
Minigame server has the following games in it.
Draw My Thing - Drawing on canvas with a pen with people guessing what it is.
Quake - Shooting your enemies with a railgun that instantly kills when hit.
Crystal Quest - Double jump around, hunting for Crystals and killing enemies.
Paint Ball - Paintballs, frag grenades, air strikes.
One In The Chamber - 1 Bow, 1 Arrow, 1 Shot kills.
Good old Survivor Games - The odds will never be in your favor, but keep trying.
MCAssassins - Assassinate your secret target and parkour to avoid getting killed.
PropHunt - Turn into a block and hide from hunters!

In case you wonder what kind of server we're running on that supports this many plugins.
We run it on our own dedicated machine and our own internet with:
16 CPU Cores (That's right boys, 16 CPUs each clocked at 9000MHz)
32 GB of RAM (Soon to upgrade to 64GB)
2TB on SSD for super fast performance.
30GB/s Upload and download speed, hosted in Denver, Colorado.
150TB/s DDoS protection.

We are currently opening 2000 slots to the server since we're brand new. Come and stick around, once we break 2000 players constantly, you won't reget being one of the first members on LisaCraft. Lots of rewards and ranks will be given to loyal players.

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