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Tags: Economy Mcmmo PvE Survival

WakeMC is an economy based Minecraft survival server hosted in Australia! The goal of this server is to create a player based economy through the use of player shops and player warps. It also features McMMO to enhance gameplay, an admin shop where you can sell diamonds for money, and jobs you can take to help earn even more!


- No paid Ranks/Perks/Items - All acquired in game.
- Player based economy - Player Warps/Shops
- Land Claim - Can change a lot about your claim
- Jobs
- Upgradable Spawners - Increase mobs that spawn - Decrease the delay between spawns
- Quests - Basic quests - Get money for completing quests like mining, crafting and killing mobs
- Core Protect - Can rollback any griefing
- Shop at spawn - Only can sell diamonds for money! Can purchase villager spawn eggs and elytra
- Villager breeding is disabled (To help with lag)
- Get crate keys and money for voting for the server
- Basic items from the crates
- Rankup to next ranks only costs in game money and McMMO Levels

WakeMC server has a great land claiming plugin too! With it, you control a lot of your claim like mob spawns, fire damage, creeper explosions, and more. There is also a spawner shop at spawn. The cool thing about the spawners: you can right click to upgrade them. You can increase the amount of mobs that spawn from the spawner, and you can decrease the delay off the spawning!

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  • 1.19.3 Version
  • 53.3% Uptime
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