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Welcome to Gamerland, a mysterious and overgrown island that has been abandoned for over 100 years. People say that this island was once a thriving hub of activity, with an active harbour and numerous buildings. However, something terrible happened on this island, so it was abandoned and left to nature.

As you explore the island, you will come across a variety of abandoned buildings and structures. Some of these buildings include a fallen lighthouse, a decaying church and a rusting factory. All of these buildings hold their own secrets and mysteries, waiting for the brave adventurer to discover.

One of the most mysterious secrets on Gamerland is an abandoned chemical laboratory deep in the island's jungle. Rumour has it that something went horribly wrong at the lab, resulting in a chemical leak that turned the island's inhabitants into flesh-eating zombies. It is said that one of these zombies was a scientist who was working in the lab at the time of the disaster, and he still haunts the cave where the lab is located.

As well as the abandoned buildings and the zombie scientist, other mysterious happenings on the island of Gamerland are also mentioned. Some say that the island was used as a secret base during World War II and that there are hidden underground tunnels and bunkers all over the island. Others claim that the island is home to ancient artefacts and treasures waiting to be discovered by adventurous treasure hunters.

Despite its dark past and the dangers lurking in its jungle, Gamerland is a place of endless mystery and adventure. Whether you're brave enough to confront a zombie scientist in an abandoned chemistry lab or searching for ancient treasures hidden in the island's ruins, Gamerland has something for every adventurer. So get ready for the challenges ahead and have fun discovering Gamerland's secrets.

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